March 2017 Louisiana Rhythms Archives

Eric features Cajun Country Revival, Feufollet, and other bands playing in our area.

Some Cajun. and Zydeco with a big helping of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band. Celebrating their centenial of first in Jazz recording.

Thanks for tuning in!


Greetings from Karl and Eric,

Today was a member drive show. Thanks to everyone who called in or went to the web site: to cotribute to the Louisiana Rhythms community. Thanks for supporting our mission to keep Louisiana music on the air and the opposite end of the Mississippi.

Also special thanks to Dan "Daddy Squeeze" Newton for coming in and helping. Always great to have Dan in. Always great to gather friends and listeners at membership time.

Eric features Jimmy Breaux, High Performance, Joe Hall, John Delafose, Beau Jocque, and more of the good stuff!