November 2013 Louisiana Rhythms Archives

Eric plays a bunch of Dennis McGee early recordings (1929-1930) back-to-back with newer interpretations of his tunes. Also some Boozoo Chavis and some Cajun Steel guitar music.

Karl is your DJ today. Wandering through some Zydeco from Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas and BeauJocque. Then onto some classic Cajun including the new Valcour release “The Balfa Family: A Retrospective. Followed by CJ Chenier who is coming to the Dakota and a little of his father. And ending with some Professor Longhair, live in Baton Rouge with Snooks Eaglin on guitar.

Eric tracks lots of songs through their Creole and Cajun roots and into the present!

Eric Mohring is your host. In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, the theme is "Family traditions in Cajun and Creole music"

Karl is your DJ. And the day after Thanksgiving is the traditional day to play Swamp Pop (at least on Louisiana Rhythms)

So you will find lots of Swamp Pop, new and old, sublime and ridiculous. Warren Storm, Belton Richard, Johnnie Allan, Clint West, the Revelers, Cookie and the Cupcakes, Lil’ Bob and the Lollipops, Cypress City, Aldus Roger, Rod Bernard and many more.