October 2013 Archives

This week on In Your Ear, DJ Weston East takes you All Over The Map (in leiu of ailing Angie and The Nighthawk… speedy recovery to both of you! W.E.) while thoroughly blitzed on obscure ’70s Prog Fusion, among other things… things like Flied Egg’s humorous hello in the direction of a certain Sgt. Pepper (“Dr. Siegel’s Fried Egg Shooting Machine”) and Polyphony’s “40 Second Thing in 39 Seconds” (take 1, by the way)… which really lasts not just 39 seconds, but over a full minute! Other highlights include tracks by bands the DJ has actually seen… the fantastic Cat Empire ar the Cedar recently, and flying teapotters Gong years ago at First Avenue mainroom. My first exposure to Gong was listening to KFAI’s Little City In Space (“Universal Top 12” era) what seems like a century ago, and it is in that spirit that I spin a whole mess o’ bands many listeners may never have heard of before… explore and discover!