November 2012 The Pop Shop Archives

Catching up on some requests (including picks from our newest French fan!), recent acquisitions to the Lincoln Terrace music library, and a big, bold Gram Parsons birthday blowout!

Monkee fever is in full force, as Liberty Finch and DJ Izzy prepare for the Nesmith/Dolenz/Tork extravaganza this Thursday in Minneapolis. Tonight it’s Nez tunes and Monkee-related artists, plus a big birthday shout-out to the formidable and prolific Neil Young, a nod to the Boss and other stuff……….

Guest DJ Mike Ciresi joins to the Pop Shop this week to talk about his new self-released CD, “Waiting for Saturn,” and play deep cuts from his personal collection.

This week we showcase some special Record Store Day (Black Friday) merch, celebrate Sagittarians (including James Marshall Hendrix) and spin psychedelic songs from B-grade movie soundtracks. Get yer freak on!