May 2017 Global Beat Archives

A Late Entry for a description but the power here is evident – opening with Dave Van Ronk & Harry Belafonte ~ !  A powerful era in our recent history.  

Today's episode starts off with music from the Republic of Georgia – both male vocal choruses, with incredible harmonies and traditional folk ensembles from the Caucusus Mountains in the former Soviet Union.  Following that we can hear music from a somewhat local group who studied with Zedashe, The Nightingale Trio.  Additional artists featured today include Paolo Conte and other vintage Italian vocals, including the Portland, OR. group Pink Martini.

In honor of Bob Dylan – Nobel Laureate poet and musician, originally from Minnesota – on his birthday… over an hour & a quarter of covers and a couple originals by the man, just beginning to show the depth and breadth of his impact on writing, expression, resistance, and awareness in the last fifty or sixty years.  The last 40 mins. are a variety of songs from America, Europe and Canada.  Enjoy – please !!