November 2011 Songs of the Soul Archives

Live in the studio today….Annie Mack and Tom Kochie…who are on their way to Memphis to represent Minnesota for the 2012 International Blues Challenge.

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No interviews today…just the blues, the whole blues and nothin’ but the blues.

Sabrina Crews filled in for me this day…I had to take my son to the doctor(again)….yes, I know he’s 34 years old but I’m not leaving him alone to field all those medical emergency situations.
Hemophilia takes no prisoners……..

Ted Wilebski joined me today to talk about the grand re-opening of the Blues Saloon on the 25th of November. Bernard Allison and his band will be there for the after Thanksgiving party and Ted stopped by to give away FIVE sets of tickets for the night.

Two interviews today,#1) Kelley Hunt who is playing at the Dakota in Mpls on December 2nd and 3rd, and #2) over in St. Paul at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon, Mississippi Heat on December 2nd. We talked with harmonica man, Pierre LaCocoque from that band. Two great interviews but only had time for 16 songs. See play list below: