January 2017 Catalyst: Politics and Culture Archives

As Donald TRump takes up all media attention, his VP Mike Pence is ignored—when Pence is a right-wing religious extremist. MARIA-ALANA CASTLE, Communictions Director of ATHEISTS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS de-constructs "religous liberty" as a marketing term for the most extreme version of  religion imposed through law.

This week's edition of Catalyst was pre-empted by Democracy Now's live coverage of the inauguration.  

You can find audio and video archives of the coverage at democracynow.org

Minneapolis-based INTERMEDIA ARTS hosts the exhibit DIMENSIONS OF INDIGENOUS & CULTURAL IDENTITY POLITICS (THRU feb.4), Hear the two major artists in the show REBEKAH CRISANTA DE YBARRA (from Central America)  & GORDON COONS.