November 2012 Northern Sun News Archives

Playlist Tracks:
Glen Ford – Black Agenda Report commenator
Topics: Wall Street takeover of education in collusion with the Democratic Party
Al Milgrom – Film Buff
Topics: New political movies – Janeane from Des Moines, Escape Fire: fight to rescue Am healthcare
Cheri Honkala – V.P. Green Party candidate
Topics: Growing up poor, organizing poor people

Susan Clark – Author
Topics: Slow Democracy: rediscovering community, bringing decision making back home
William Davnie – Retired US Foreign Service Officer
Topics: Real politik towards Iran
Margaret Sarfehjooy – WAMM Middle East Committee
Topics: Ecological & health effects of possible war against Iran
Mary Murphy – MN Alliance of Peacemakers
Topics: “Occupy Live” program
Becky Dernbach & Eva Rose Cohen – Author & illustrator
Topics: Fannie and Freddie

reg Pahl – Author & energy Organizer
Topics: Power from the People: how to organize, finance and launch local energy projects
Alan Woods – Speaker on Marxism
Topics: Art & the class struggle

Playlist Tracks:
Mazin B. Qumsiyeh – Author, professor, speaker
Topics: Prospects for a One-State Solution in Palestine

Mazin Qumsiyeh – Prof. activist, speaker
Topics: Prospects for a One-State Solution in Palestine – Pt 2, Q & A