November 2013 Malarkey-Radio with an Irish Accent Archives

Ag Caint as Gaeilge: Lesson 01: The Irish accent. Accent quiz-celebrities with real and fake Irish accents. Can you tell the real from the fake and can you identify the speakers?

Accents, Forgotten Survivor. Guest Darren O'Dwyer.

Erin Hart dropped in on November 18th to talk about and read from her latest book, The Book of Killowen, play some of her favorite music, and chat about her writing, her methods, and her Irish connections. 
Erin's books have won acclaim from a wide range of critics:
"Conceives a fascinating situation and lays out its complexities in careful, graceful prose." -The New York Journal of Books.
"Hart’s foray into soggy Killowen has a rock-solid foundation of musical language and deft plotting." -The Kirkus Review.

Jim Rodgers, Director of the Center for Irish Studies at the College of St. Thomas in St. Paul and editor of the New Hibernian Review dropped in on November 25th to talk about a new publication which he edited, Extended Family, play a little music, and just chat.