Jumondeh Tweh

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Jumondeh Tweh is the host of Afrique Nomad, a weekly showcase of black music from across the world. Coming from an immigrant family, he grew up on African music. When they moved to the Twin Cities from Liberia, he was exposed to a much larger cultural experience that allowed him to appreciate more musical genres. Here is where he fell in love with hip hop at age 10. Bonded with his sister over island music she would blast in her car whenever he rode with her, and discovered Afro-Latino music in his late teens. On this program you’ll get a taste of the variety of  sounds from across the globe that shaped Jumondeh—Afro-pop, reggae, Soul and so much more! As a host, he focuses not just on good dance music, but ones that inform, critique, and uplift. This all happens every Thursday, 10am-12pm.