Jumondeh Tweh

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Afrique Nomad, hosted by jumondeh Tweh is a weekly showcase of black music from across the world. Coming from an immigrant family, he’s had the chance to experience a variety of black music not just from Africa but also North America. Moving to the states from Liberia, he grew up in the Twin Cities, an experience that exposed him to a rich cultural environment. Here he was exposed to hip hop, afro-Latino music, island and much more. On his program you’ll get a sample of reggae. Afro-pop. Soul. Hip Hop, you’ll get a taste of it all and more! As the host of Afrique Nomad, he focuses not just on good music, but songs and conversations that informs, critiques, as well as uplifts. Join in on this hot music session every Thursday, 10am-12pm.


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