Christopher Robin Zimmerman has been a lot of things over the years, but he(/his/him) never stopped buying records. His first effort for Vinyl Voices was in 2016, and he is usually pretty hard to miss when he’s spinning. In addition to presenting a new episode of Dollar Bin every Tuesday on FA2, kfai.org and KFAI’s Mixcloud channel, Chris has also filled in as on-air presenter on Across the Board, The Pop Shop, True Brit! Radio, Modern Kicks, Cruise Control, Glorth Radio, Voice Cried Softly and MSP Sound in addition to his mini-residency After Midnight/After Hours – and in 2020, he finally landed on air every Saturday with new new music and your requests on Weekend on Demand!  Chris also serves on KFAI’s Content Advisory Committee after being elected in 2019 and provides website support when he can as part of the Webteam.