Chris "MRNC" Wilbourn

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My.Real.Name.Chris. (M.R.N.C.) is the dance music focused alter ego of award winning hip hop artist Chris “Midway Felix” Wilbourn.

While he has toured nationally with Heiruspecs and released several projects on his own, his roots are divided. He has celebrated his hip hop influence, but uses M.R.N.C. as a moniker to explore his house music history as well. Born in St. Paul, MN and raised by a single mother playing the harp and piano in the house, Chris found music naturally. Joining high school friends to promote raves in the Family WERKS crew, his love of jackin’ beats was too strong to deny. From endless sessions of banging beats on wax in the basement, to the original music you hear today, follow the journey to honor M.R.N.C.’s roots in house music every week at KFAI.org.