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Christ Jesus was a man of sorrows, but he was not a preacher of sorrows, neither does his life or his discourses leave an unhappy impression upon the mind. We do not believe that he has uttered one foolish word, nay more, not one useless word, for in the whole compass of his teaching there is not to be found a single passage which should have been left unsaid. . He may have taught the same truth in several shapes, but he has never taught it once too often. He has never revealed a truth which it was better to conceal, just as he never concealed a truth which it would have been better to reveal. Our spiritual nature ought to keep our mental nature under control, and our mental nature ought to keep our bodily or animal nature entirely in check. Only when we have power over ourselves are we truly great in power.

Ordainded Minister: Co-Pastor @ Antioch Community Missionary Baptist Church Minneapolis Minnesota

Producer of DivineVision and Bible Based Baptist Church Ministries
Television broadcasts on MTN Channel 75 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Competent Toastmaster