Now Available on Bandcamp: House Party Vols 1-5

Now Available on Bandcamp: House Party Vols 1-5

Back in the B.C. days (Before Covid), Harold would bring some tasty live music to his House Party radio show every week and get you to come down to The Viking (later the 331) to check out the band you just heard. He’s put together the best performances from the radio show onto a CD and offer ’em up to KFAI members for their generous support. Soon after, those CDs would go out of print forever – even if you found House Party in year 3, you couldn’t get the best of years 1 and 2.

It’s about time we fix that.

After much cajoling, we’ve gotten Harold to agree to start putting the old ones on Bandcamp. Long-lost performances from local favorites like Charlie Parr, Pop Wagner, Davina & The Vagabonds, Pert Near Sandstone… etc, etc, are hear for new ears for the first time in over a decade.

We’re starting with the first five volumes because, well, there’s 15+ years of tracklists to type in and it’s a lot! Individually, they’re $10 (for an average of about 22 songs per volume) or you can buy all 5 for $35 (that’s a 30% discount for you math whizzes out there.)

We’ll be adding more every first Friday of the month to coincide with Bandcamp Friday, the site’s monthly fee-waiving initiative to help boost direct sales to artists and labels.

Here’s a flashback from Papa John Kolstad and Clint Hoover to whet your appetite: