Trevor & Dedrick at The Oak Center General Store

Trevor and Dedrick playing on the La Crosse Queen.
Saturday, October 18, 2014 - 8:00pm

Trevor Marty and Dedrick Benz will be playing at the Oak Center General Store on October 18th at 8pm. They’ve been playing together off and on for close to 20 years.

Trevor has been playing and writing music for almost 20 years. Traveling, writing, gigging, and drinking coffee has influenced his happy style of life and music. Quirky-Americana, mixed with a little almond milk, some blues, chocolate, country-blues, espresso, bluegrass, cayenne pepper (also known as the Guinea spice), and finally jam rock make up his influences and style. Whether playing a mid 20’s Gibson L1, a dreadnaught, or a resonator his “...passion for music boosts him up a notch and it is apparent in his work. It's not everyday that someone can make you believe in their love of music, and he does so with remarkable ease and grace." – Marina Agerter (The Duluth Readers Weekly)”

Dedrick Benz is what you would call a ‘music witch’. He started playing in a bell choir as a child and now has been playing bass, guitar, drums, piano, and flute. By day he is a mild mannered band instrument repairman with a passion for bird watching and music. By night his virtuoso musicianship give you a taste of what heaven might be like.

Together they can guarantee a fine evening of laughing foot stomping fun. Having been playing river boats, coffee joints, GLBT pride rallies, and bars this summer now they’ll be charming the folks at Oak Center General Store. Come on down and start the Winter off right together with Trevor and Dedrick.

You can check the music out here:
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