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June 2009 Volume 3, Issue 5

KFAI Strive to Thrive Project Airing Through June

KFAI presents Strive to Thrive, a special series of programming designed to provide information for reducing poverty and increasing prosperity in the Twin Cities community. on KFAI and is funded by the Northwest Area Foundation.

Throughout the project, KFAI will present Strive to Thrive programming on various shows.

You can tune in Tuesday nights in June, at 10:00pm, to hear rebroadcasts of various programs. The program content is a blend of policy discussion, advocacy, and practical applications. On June 23rd and June 30th, you can hear rebroadcasts of programs about the Somali community, originally aired on Somali Community Link.

Strive to Thrive programming on KFAI is funded by the Northwest Area Foundation.

Consider Giving KFAI Advice...Officially

Do you care about our station, and how well we serve our listeners and mission? The Community Advisory Board is taking on new members. This board meets between 2-4 times a year, and serves to advise the Board of Directors. If you are interested, please contact John Slade, CAB Liaison, by email, or call him at 612-871-8980 ×106.

Welcome New KFAI Communities at Summer Events

By Jennifer Syverson, KFAI Network reporter

Summertime and the listenin' is easy, much easier now that KFAI has a stronger signal and is stronger - or brand new - in some neighborhoods. The new or improved listening neighborhoods include South St. Paul, Dakota County, Lauderdale, and the Mears Park area in downtown St. Paul. Summertime also means lots and lots of outside events to attend. If you are not familiar with some of the neighborhoods new to the KFAI community, an outdoor festival is a great way to get to explore them.

This coming weekend KFAI is proud to support the Twin Cities Jazz Festival, in Mears Park. So much great music, you'll wish you had a clone. Local and national acts will be playing the festival, through June 20th. Allen Toussaint, Chastity Brown, and Esperanza Spalding are just some of the many acts that will be playing. Jazz master Irv Williams will be celebrating his 90th birthday. Performances in nearby clubs do have a charge, but the stage at Mears Park is free.

South St. Paul hosts Kaposia Days, June 26th – June 28th. This festival includes a softball tournament, classic car show, a flea market, the coronation of Miss South St. Paul, among many other events.

Something to plan for in September is Inver Grove Heights Days, from September 10th – 13th. Between the parade, fishing contest, bingo, treasure hunt, and many other events, everyone in the family will find something appealing.

At the north end of St. Paul, Thursday, August 13th, is the Taste of Maplewood. The Lamont Cranston Blues Band will keep you entertained, while you work way through more than 70 food vendors. In addition, there will be beer, wine and margarita tents, face painting, balloon art, a petting zoo, and too many other events to list.

Also at the north end of St. Paul, on the 3rd Saturday of August, Lauderdale with hold its Lauderdale Summer Festival.

If you would like to visit our neighbor to the North, but don’t have a current passport, stay closer to home and check out "Little Canadian" Days, July 31st - August 1st. There will be a corn feed, beer garden, pancake breakfast, music by the Rockin' Hollywoods and the Faux Playboys, along with many other events and a lot of other food. It's good practice for the State Fair.

Going south of the river you can attend the Eagan Art Festival on June 27th and 28th. The juried show features more than 100 artists, food, and activities for kids and adults alike.

One more event to catch right away: Dew Days at the Dakota County Fairgrounds. It started Thursday and runs through June 25th, with a carnival midway, paint ball, beer garden, and a craft and vendor mart. It's also the only festival that I know of which has Bed Races. This is really something not to sleep through.

Head out on the road sometime this summer to explore the new neighborhoods which have joined the KFAI listener community. Remember the sun screen and be sure to come hungry!

Check out the profiles below of two new listener-members from KFAI's new communities!

KFAI's Wish List

KFAI has this wish list, please contact Janis Lane-Ewart with leads on any of these items. Thank you!

  • Closet shelving
  • New or gently used office chairs
  • EZ Up Tent for outdoor events
  • Standing floor fan
  • New or gently used fax machine


One of the New Voices on KFAI News

by Jennifer Syverson, KFAI Network reporter

KFAI welcomes this summer's intern from Yale University, Hampton Watson. Hampton is the third person from Yale who has come to KFAI to do an internship. You may have heard him file stories on the KFAI Evening News, and he is doing research and administrative projects for KFAI.

Hampton Watson at KFAIHampton Watson at KFAI
Originally from Atlanta, Hampton is a rising sophomore. His family home is the oldest home in Atlanta. Built in 1823, there were so many woods surrounding it that when Sherman went through Atlanta, he never found it.

Not having to decide on his major until the end of end of his sophomore year, Hampton is thinking of majoring in political science or international studies. He knows for certain that he wants to travel abroad as much as possible. For now he has an "eclectic class schedule" that includes "Literature of the New Testament" and "Christian Theology and Harry Potter."

KFAI is the first radio station he has worked for. Previously he "used to listen to NPR news in the morning while driving to high school, and two nights a week (he) would listen (uncomprehendingly, but transfixedly nonetheless) to 'Marketplace' on NPR." Hampton has also been behind the microphone as an actor, he says, in a "radiodrama about Walter White, first director of the NAACP, and his experience in the 1906 Atlanta race riots."

He chose KFAI to do his internship because it fits well with his previous experience. Having been one of two managing editors for his a high school newspaper with a staff of 40, he has lots of excellent journalism experience. He has really enjoyed his time at KFAI, and hopes to find something in which he can "find passion - and make a lasting impact."

Hampton also loves to play soccer. Let him know of any good pickup games.

Community & Culture

New Members from New KFAI Neighborhoods

KFAI's Jessica Folker spoke with two new listener-members. Meet Crystal Mudek from St. Paul, and Dick Parker from Roseville.

Jessica Folker: When did you first hear about KFAI?
Crystal Mudek: The very first time I heard about KFAI was in October 1999, when I hung out with mostly metal heads. They introduced me to KFAI through the Root of All Evil. I had somewhat of a relationship with Earl Root (rest in peace, Earl). I was that intentionally-ditzy chick that would call in and flirt with him. He made me laugh, I made him laugh...I never did get to meet him.

JF: What prompted you to become a KFAI member recently?
CM: I was one of the volunteers down at the radio station answering pledge calls, and they needed more motivation to get people to call. Plus, I wanted that grab bag. Anyway, I figured the more people's names they called out on air, the more motivation it would be for others to contribute. I really wanted to see KFAI make its goal, and was incredibly proud to find out it did!

Crystal MudekCrystal Mudek
JF: What is your favorite KFAI program?
CM: RSE Radio is my favorite KFAI program, definitely. But I love a few others. I still jam out to the Root of All Evil if I'm up! And of course I listen to Bop Street on Mondays when I drive home from work.

JF: Are there any artists you have learned about through KFAI that you really enjoy?
CM: I have learned about a couple of new artists through KFAI here and there. One of my favorite things about listening to this station is the wide variety of programs. There are so many different types of shows that air, and in those shows you have the opportunity to hear something and appreciate a totally new genre of music.

JF: Have you gotten involved with any other station activities or learned of any events through KFAI?
CM: I have learned about quite a few courses I can take advantage of through the station. I absolutely love that KFAI offers its volunteers the board certification courses. You'd be crazy to not take advantage of that! I have also learned of various events at Fifth Element, like no-charge shows by Eyedea & Abilities, etc.

JF: How has the power increase affected your listening? Did you discover KFAI after the boost to 900 watts in November?
CM: The expansion of watts has affected my listening only because the reception in New Brighton is a lot clearer. I work out there, so now I can listen to the weekday shows a lot more clearly than before.

JF: What is the best thing about being able to tune in to KFAI at home?
CM: I love that I can tune in directly from my laptop since I'm not always on the same floor as my stereo. Or when I am at work I can plug my headphones directly into my computer and listen from there.

JF: What does community radio offer to someone living in your neighborhood?
CM: When you meet someone - anybody - that listens to the same local music as you, or the same local radio station as you, it seems like there is this automatic, unspoken connection you have with them. Like a sense of camaraderie. It's like being a member of an exclusive club, but the only way you can enter is if you appreciate and support local music.

JF: How would you describe KFAI to others in your community who have never heard the station before?
CM: KFAI is a strong, thriving radio station with many different genres of music and talk radio shows. They have a strong sense of community, which is apparent throughout their shows. KFAI's 900 watts may not be available in every city, but you can always get live or prerecorded streaming through their website. They make it so easy to listen, why wouldn't you want to?

Jessica had this conversation with Dick Parker:

Jessica Folker: When did you first hear about KFAI?
Dick Parker: Some years ago, and I knew the late Pat Walton through membership on the Twin Cities Jazz Society board. But I have never been able to get a clear KFAI signal on home radios, so I didn't get into the habit of listening.
Dick ParkerDick Parker
JF: What prompted you to become a KFAI member recently?
DP: Your pledge drive, soon after I got acquainted with David Cummings and his program, Rockin' in Rhythm.

JF: Have you gotten involved with any other station activities or learned of any events through KFAI?
DP: I brought actress Noel Neill ("Adventures of Superman," 1950s TV series) to the studio for an interview with David.

JF: How has the power increase affected your listening? Did you discover KFAI after the boost to 900 watts in November?
DP: The power increase may have enabled my car radio to receive 90.3fm.

JF: What does community radio offer to someone living in Roseville?
DP: Alternative listening choices - not specific to Roseville, though.

JF: How would you describe KFAI to others in your neighborhood who have never heard the station before?
DP: It's a lot of fun, great for nostalgia fans and sometimes offers food for thought.

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