Sofitel Sous-Chef, Mathieu Rainière, Speaks of French Kings' Cake & Special Seasonal Events

What's a Galette des Rois? How about a Bûche de Noël? What special events and foods are served in France at this time of the year?

Guest Mathieu Rainière will answer these questions and more on tonight's (December 27, 2011) version of Bonjour Minnesota, starting at 8:00 PM. Mathieu is a native of Marseille, France and is a sous-chef at Sofitel. Sofitel has delicious pastries and cakes, just like those served in France, which are available to the public in the two restaurants, La Fougasse and Chez Colette, and in La Petite Boulangerie to take home.

We have asked Mathieu to bring a couple of his favorite songs for our listeners to enjoy. Join us!