Presentation about traditional Mexican music (On Saturday, August 27)

WHAT: “Barro que suena a plata” (An exploration of Mexican folk music)

WHEN: Saturday, August 27 · 12:00 Noon

WHERE: Boneshaker Books
2002 23rd Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN (Seward neighborhood)

Amig@s, I would like to invite you to a little talk that yours truly will give at this new and great little bookstore located right behind the Second Moon Café (2223 E Franklin Ave.)

A little more about the presentation:

Mexico’s vibrant multicultural composition is thoroughly reflected in the astounding richness and variety of its traditional music. This talk will present an overview of Mexican folk music with an emphasis in one of its richest and most representative genres, “el son”, focusing on some of its most well-known variations (“son huasteco”, “son jarocho” and “son abajeño”). The African influence, distinctively present in a significant number of Mexican folk music’s genres, will also be explored. The talk will include a number of illustrative sound-recordings.