Can We Change? - Airs Dec. 7

Three stories of people trying to make changes in their lives.

Swords to Ploughshares by Alix Blair
Matthew wanted to be a soldier forever; then he went to Iraq. While raiding houses and hunting for Saddam Hussein, he came to find that farmers are the world's most powerful force. Upon his return to the States, he decided to become a farmer too. Now, he'd like to go back to Iraq, but not as a soldier.

I'm Relatively Human by Selena Simmons-Duffin
We meet Marty who once seemingly had it all: a loving wife, a beautiful home, a great job. He threw it all in the wind to realize a deep, life-long desire and became a woman. Perhaps her story is less about the transition but what happens after you have arrived at your destination and are forced to consider what has been gained and what you've lost.

My Criminal Life from Blunt Youth Radio Project
Finally, a step into the mind of Mark, a young man who feels hopeless against the cycles of drugs and violence in his life. After being in and out of the Long Creek Youth Development Center six times for various drug-related offenses, he is about to turn nineteen and age-out of the system.