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December 2013 - Year End Update

Seven New Programs Added to in 2013

The Twin Cities has so many people passionate about programming at KFAI - there are not enough hours in the day to bring them all to the airwaves. In 2013, member support allowed us to open our studios to new program hosts and more ideas. Thanks to listeners like you, we welcomed seven new programs exclusively to our website,
To those hosts, your support means the world.
 “Having a show on KFAI means we are able to showcase music that wouldn’t necessarily get airplay anywhere else. We keep working to find new music that isn’t being heard yet." - DJ Lady Em (pictured here) and Takara from Versed Radio, a program highlighting hip-hop and music of related styles, especially performed by women.
“The show is a great collaboration with people around the world. The founder of a label in France sends his music to the show, a really well-known producer in New York has a page devoted to ‘Synthwaves’ in an upcoming magazine and a beautiful shot of the Minneapolis skyline was taken for that article. It’s a great chance for really good, humble people to share their art.” - Noah Kaufmann, host of Synthwaves, covering the new synthesizer music scene.
The other programs’ hosts have similar stories of being able to celebrate experimental composers, honor local hip-hop artists, present two hours of a wide variety of music genres or two hours of women's heavy metal music on Member contributions support the ability to stream all of the programs created at KFAI. 
In 2014, you will hear new programs presented on KFAI honoring diversity in our community. In February, tune in to Black History Month specials all month long. International Women's Day will be celebrated all 24 hours of March 8th. We'll plan our second annual day of programming to honor American Indians. Lolly will bring a new group of eager grade schoolers to the stage during the Sugar Shop's annual "Sweet on School" live broadcast. We have creative people ready to bring their ideas to the air. Member support allows us to get them there.
If you have not given to KFAI in 2013, or would like to provide additional support, please consider making a tax-deductible gift today to keep the studio doors open to the next generation of hosts.  You can give on-line here, or call 612-341-3144, extension 22. Thank you for supporting community radio! 

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