New at KFAI: Vehicle Donation Program, YNI 2012

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KFAI Quick Update July 2012


Changing how you get around? Donate your old wheels to KFAI! 

Thinking of downsizing your locomotion? Not sure what to do with the car that won't run anymore? Turn your unwanted vehicle into the great community programming you love! KFAI can now accept car, truck, boat and RV donations, whether they run or not. Let the wheels that have served you well now serve our community--it's a tax deduction for you and cash for KFAI.
Just click here and let our vehicle donation service walk you through the donation process, from title to towing to the community radio voices you love. You can also call 1-855-277-2346 for more information on donating a vehicle to KFAI.

To see an example of the programming KFAI can do with your support...

...visit the blog updated daily by our Youth News Initiative 2012 interns as they learn how to become young journalists this summer! Although you hear great local programs on KFAI each day, you may want to see what happens behind the scenes for these students just getting started in the world of radio. Click here to read about their experiences.

KFAI presents fun events, too!

Check out our music showcase at Honey, 205 East Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, on Monday, July 16th. Up-and-coming artists in the local roots community will be joined by visiting artists from North Carolina in that cool underground club in northeast Minneapolis. The StereoFidelics are a duo from Ashville, NC, joined on the bill by local artists I Like You, Jon Wayne and the Pain, Geoffrey Fischbein and more. Doors open at 7pm with a $7.00 cover, and proceeds go to support KFAI! For more information on events, visit KFAI's events calendar.

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