KFAI Program Hosts Honor 35 Years

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September 2013 - Quick Update!

Listener-Members Create Opportunity On the Airwaves 

It's our 35th birthday and we're having a party! Come down to the studios, support us with a gift on-line, or call 612-375-9030. Celebrate 35 years of people from around the world sharing their insights on the air, program hosts who specialize in blues/soul/the latest local music/Balkan wedding music/what-have-you, and unparalleled access to media for members of our community who have something to say. This is your radio station. We are not part of a network. We are KFAI, located on the West Bank in Minneapolis, and anywhere you want to listen to great radio. 

Listener-support keeps our studios open. These program hosts wish to thank you for creating space for them at KFAI:

"Yes indeed, here we are celebrating 35 great years of KFAI. As you may know, a lot of community radio stations aren't able to say that, let alone be on the air 24/7. I would just like to say that I am extremely blessed having been part of KFAI for the last 17 years as an engineer and then as programmer. It has enriched me beyond description. KFAI is absolutely critical for the kind of country music that I program here. Very seldom can it be heard otherwise. I also am very appreciative of a very supportive staff and the total freedom that I have on the air. I simply could not exist in an environment in which a music or program director is dictating to me what to play. Let's face it-I'm far too independent for it. So I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the privilege and gift of being allowed to do what I do every week. I deeply appreciate it more than you know and hope that we all carry this on for the next 35 years. Happy 35th birthday KFAI!" - Ken Hippler, Good n' Country
"KFAI, you have been my most enduring relationship since moving to Minneapolis in 2001. You have made my life so vibrant, introducing me to new music, ideas and friends. You constantly find new ways to surprise and delight me. I love you and know my life is better because of you. As you celebrate your 35th birthday, I hope you get back tenfold what you have given me." - Ellen Stanley, Womenfolk
"Speaking over the air to an unseen audience makes a shy person a little jittery until he gets the hang of it. As one who has always kept his shyness very well hidden, the prospect of joining the team of programmers at KFAI's 'Write On! Radio' was a bit daunting. 
I don't even remember my first interview; probably because I felt too nervous. J.Otis or Lynette may remember but for me the first few weeks were a blur of hiding shyness and guarding against mistakes, which happened anyway, time after time.
My life-long passion, storytelling and literature, had for many years after graduate school found expression in a wonderful little career as a literary consultant, or writer's coach, or as some say, a book doctor. You have to love writers and reading, and you have to love critical engagement to make that job work well. I had the right combination and did well. It felt like time to give something back.
Being part of 'Write On! Radio' has allowed me to give that something back to the community that feeds me in a way I would never have imagined would be such fun. I have met most of the local authors, established and emerging, and many of the greatest authors in the world, both American and international. Who would have thought a little once-a-week show could have interviewed the same level of authors as NPR and MPR!
Well, we continue, and strive for excellence every week, and sometimes it's a chore--almost like a full time job. But it's an endeavor that keeps on giving. I am so lucky to have been given the chance to be a broadcaster by KFAI. May it last forever!" Ian Graham Leask, Write On! Radio
"As one of the hosts on 'Fresh Fruit,' the longest running queer radio show in the country that has been live on KFAI since its beginning in 1978, I wish for KFAI to continue programming shows with diversity and underrepresented voices that enrich and enliven this great station. Happy 35 KFAI!" - Dixie Treichel, Fresh Fruit

"Happy Birthday KFAI! And thank you to the volunteers who have put in the time, effort and belief over the past 35 years that KFAI is an important part of the local media community. I recently began a webcast on KFAI (marking a cornerstone in the station's history as we officially throw our hat into the cyber programing ring) I have come to realize just how much I appreciate the station and its multitude of programming. As I describe to artists I interview from around the globe the array of programs KFAI plays from hour to hour on any given day, their genuine responses of 'that is so cool' drive home just how fortunate we are to have such a station and resource available to us all. Happy Birthday KFAI! If history tells us anything, your dedicated volunteers will be sure there are many more to follow." - Noah Kaufmann, Synth Waves  

Keep us here for another 35 years so we can train the next generation of producers, thank you!

We have a goal of 350 gifts at any level to strengthen KFAI's future. Support KFAI today at $35 for 35, or double that for a limited edition 35th Anniversray t-shirt at $70.00 or more. Click here or call 612-375-9030 now!

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