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Volume 7, Issue 1

KFAI Honors African-Americans and Women with Special Programming

International Women's Day Friday, March 8th

Be sure to tune in to KFAI on Friday, March 8th, as we celebrate International Women's Day with Airwaves Full of Women. Special programming from Twin Cities women and girls runs a full 24 hours, and includes music, storytelling, and explorations of today's issues and the women addressing them. The full schedule for March 8th, plus a listing of other women-focused shows on KFAI during the month of March, is available at http://kfai.org/IWD2013. And don't worry if you can't stay tuned to hear all 24 hours - all shows will be available on the archives for two weeks. A BIG THANKS to special International Women's Day sponsor Ten Thousand Villages, 867 Grand Avenue, in St. Paul!

Black History Month Archives

KFAI celebrated Black History Month all throughout February 2012, but on February 19th, the entire day of programming highlighted African-American historical contributions as well as present connections. The day was filled with music, conversations and insight: from classical composers to civil rights activist Bobby Seale to big bands! If you missed some of the great programming that day, you can listen to any of the day's shows here:  http://kfai.org/playlists/34235/2013-02. 

KFAI Underwriter Profile: Butter Bakery & Cafe

by Dick Stevens for KFAI Network

A New Location and New Community Connections

The Butter Bakery Cafe moved to its new location at 37th and Nicollet Avenue South in Minneapolis in October of 2012. A long-standing KFAI business underwriter, The Butter Bakery Cafe now occupies an attractive new 2,300 square-foot space on the ground floor of Nicollet Square, an innovative housing development for young people that was built through the efforts of the Portico Interfaith Housing Collaborative and has drawn positive attention and interest locally and nationwide. As proprietor Daniel Swenson-Klett explains, the new location has helped The Butter Bakery Cafe grow their business while greatly strengthening their community ties and helping the formerly homeless young people living at Nicollet Square by giving them valuable job experience as interns. Dan and his staff also support local musicians and artists and work with schools, churches, neighborhood organizations, non-profits and theaters.

An Enthusiast in the Kitchen

After spending 20 years as a classroom teacher, Dan made the move into a whole new type of teaching environment when he purchased The Butter Bakery Cafe seven years ago. Dan has harbored a life-long enthusiasm for cooking and sharing good food. "We make things from scratch. We know what goes into the products we serve and how they were made," he says. The Butter Bakery Cafe protects the environment by not sending restaurant waste to any landfill. Dan says he's happy to share the experience of operating an environmentally-sustainable restaurant with other businesses and organizations. They also buy from local urban and rural food suppliers including the Hope Creamery, the Valley View Farms Dairy Cooperative, Swenson's Eggs, The Tea Source and others.


KFAI Makes Morning News Musical and Local

KFAI has developed an unusual approach to weekday morning radio with The Morning Blend and the team hosts have been named. The Morning Blend (6am – 8am) is hosted by a collaborative team that joins current and former KFAI programmers with new volunteers.

"Our goal is to include many voices on the air," says News Director Dale Connelly. "We want the
Morning Blend to be fun and informative, and to reflect the diversity of the station."
"The program is a locally produced amalgam of news and music that represents KFAI," says music host
Ron Thums. Thums shares the Tuesday duties with Jean Silverberg. Both are former deejays of Radio
Rumpus Room—a show that aired on KFAI for 19 years. Thums says The Morning Blend "is
different in that the producer, news and music hosts work together as a team, incorporating a raft of
frequently shifting elements and racing against the clock. It's been an exciting process."
Brenda Bell Brown is the Friday music host and a new voice on KFAI. A former programmer at WDIA
in Memphis, Tennessee, Brown brings her love of R&B and soul music to the Morning Blend. "I'm a
child of the '60s, and a fan of Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Soul and Rock 'n Roll," she says. "I get to share
the music I enjoy, and morning drive-time is my favorite time to be on-air."
Here's the line-up you can expect each week on the Morning Blend...
Monday: music host Cory Washington; news host Siobhan Kierans
Tuesday: music hosts Ron Thums & Jean Silverberg; news host Terry Carter
Wednesday: music host David Cummings; news host Flor Frey; producer Mike Fischbein
Thursday: music host Mark Koerner; news host Paul Brohaugh
Friday: music host Brenda Bell Brown; news host Yvette Howie

Community & Culture

Join KFAI's Social Media Squad!

KFAI is looking for volunteers to post on Facebook and Twitter. We'll pair you up with one or more programmers to help spread the word about KFAI's rich and eclectic music, news, arts and public affairs shows.

Communicate with hosts about their shows, then tweet and post to social media sites each week. What is the theme of this week's show? Are there any special guests or features? Any community activities planned? Collect the details and let listeners know via social media. Expand KFAI programming and attract new listeners, members, and volunteers to the KFAI community. It's simple and requires only as much time as you want to spend.
For more information, contact Sam Montgomery at smontgomery@mcnallysmith.edu. Thanks!

It's Never Too Early to Hit the Pledge Drive Goal!

That's right, KFAI's spring pledge drive is coming, and we would love you to help us reach our goal EARLY!
We have a shortened, 10-day pledge drive planned to start on Wednesday, April 3rd. Our goal is to reach 1,150 members by Friday, April 12th raising $80,000 for community radio. We aim to raise ten percent of our financial goal by the start of the pledge drive. 
Every gift matters and contributes to KFAI's stability! Everyone who pledges at any level on-line throughout the month of March will be entered into our Spring Pledge Drive Kick-Off Drawing! Pledge early for your chance to win a night out on the West Bank with dinner and a show, a Secret Stash Records vinyl pack, Minnesota Twins tickets, an Electric Fetus Gift Card or the beautiful book the Seward Co-Op put together in honor of its 40th anniversary, "Growing With Purpose."
Become one of the 1,150 members who strengthen community radio this spring with your gift today!

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