KFAI Network: Almost to Membership Goal!

Newsletter Issue: 
October 2013 - Quick Update!

Listeners Empower Community Content on KFAI

KFAI is a community radio station, which means we are non-commercial, non-profit, and listener-supported. Listeners have a direct role in keeping our programs on the air.

Right now is a critical time for our community radio station. Thanks to tax-deductible contributions from listeners and fans who enjoy our diversity, eclecticism and authentic hosts, we have been on the air for 35 years and recently weathered a tough economic time. That tough time came with consequences. Like all of us, KFAI has seen costs rise, equipment wear out, and revenues change. The one funding source that keeps a community radio station stable is its community. Listener-member donations truly make a difference to keep the studio doors open. 

We're $13,000 away from our pledge drive goal and with your support we can reach it. Join these wonderful members who had strong reasons to contribute during this pledge drive and make your gift today!

"I enjoy the music, programs, and focus on community!" - Georgia W., Minneapolis

"I love everything from good political news to crazy music!" - Heather M., St. Louis Park

"Love all the communities and perspectives represented on KFAI." - Kathy M., Minneapolis

"It's good to hear all the programs." - Willie L., Minneapolis 

Keep the studios open for the next generation of community broadcasters. Call 612-375-9030 or give on-line. Thank you!


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