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  • Attorneys’ Thomas Heffelfinger and Andy Luger presented the RNC Commission’s findings to the St.Paul City Council regarding law enforcement action during the Republican National Convention. KFAI’s Anna Pratt attended the meeting, and spoke to Heffelinger, who called the police response largely professional and restrained, while acknowledging that some things could have gone better.

  • Governor Pawlenty gave his State of the State address on January 15th. He began with a conciliatory tone, praising President-elect Barack Obama. Then he turned his focus to the economic situation. KFAI broadcast excerpts from his 40 minute speech.

    January 15, 2009

  • Tune in to Womenfolk this Sunday, January 18th as Brianna Lane returns to the KFAI studios to play live and chat with host Ellen Stanley about her month-long residency at the 331 Club: The fun begins at 11 am!

  • Join Dixie Treichel & John Townsend on Fresh Fruit:node/89 on Thursday, January 15th from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm as we talk with Steven Solberg about his film in progress Standing On The Bones of Our Ancestors: Exploring The Role of The Queer Tribal Elder.

    Standing on the Bones of Our Ancestors: is intended for GLBTQ People of all ages in the interest of honor

  • The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System (MNSCU) recently announced a new campaign to increase enrollment among low income students of color and students from non-English speaking families.

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  • Several of Minnesota’s top elected officials and two US Senate hopefuls gathered on Sunday at the St. Louis Park Jewish Community Center to rally support for Israel. KFAI News Director Ahndi Fridell also spoke to Ziad Amra of the Minneapolis-based Coalition for Palestinian Rights and got his reaction after the event.

    January 12, 2009

  • Local multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Erik Brandt: will celebrate the release of his second solo album, Sometimes, on January 22nd at the Ginkgo Coffeehouse in St Paul. He takes time out to talk to Pam for the January 13th edition of Pam Without Boundaries:

  • Warning: Thursday, January 15 at midnight Patti Walsh takes over on Voice Cried Softly with a tribute to Ron Asheton, who passed away on January 1. Most of you know Ron from Iggy and the Stooges, but had many projects after they broke up, as well as being part of The Stooges’ reunion a few years ago.

  • Journalist JIM WALSH will be joining host JACKSON BUCK as a guest DJ on FREEWHEELIN’, Monday morning January 12th.

    A veteran journalist who has written about music and local culture for City Pages and the Pioneer Press, Jim also writes for the Southwest Journal and online publications and Reveille Magazine.

  • Hundreds of activists gathered at the steps of the state Capitol today to protest the violence in Gaza.

    The United Nations is currently drafting terms of a cease-fire agreement that would eventually lead to a full withdrawal of Israeli forces in Gaza. The plan also aims to deliver humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza and end munitions trafficking through the Gaza territory.