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  • Join us on Saturday, August 22 for a special edition of Good N Country:goodncountryentitled with Shut Up And Drink Your Beer. Yes, this is actually the title of a song which will be featured, along with many more country & western drinkin’ tunes from the last six decades. We will play the lighthearted and cheerful, along with the sad and downright pitiful.

  • On Thursday, August 20, 2009, at 7 p.m., KFAI will present award-winning Minnesota journalist and newspaper columnist Nick Coleman at St. Joan of Arc Church:, 4537 Third Ave. S., Minneapolis.

  • Minnesota is home to a number of mystery authors, among them William Kent Krueger, John Sandford and Ellen Hart. KFAI’s Britt Aamodt spoke with a relative newcomer to the Minnesota mystery scene, Susan Runholt, whose second young adult mystery novel, Rescuing Seneca Crane, is coming out Thursday.


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  • A Minneapolis woman has been illegally squatting in her foreclosed home after being evicted two weeks ago, and today she brought her case to Mayor RT Rybak’s office. Rosemary Williams and her supporters broke back into the home after the eviction and have vowed to stay until Williams’ mortgage company, GMAC, renegotiates.

  • More hometown talent is breaking out in Minneapolis. FranzDiego, a local MC, rapper and recent U of M graduate, is releasing his first solo debut in just a few weeks, along with a release party at the Uptown Bar and Grill. KFAI’s Ivan B. Phifer talked with Franz about his first album release and his career.


  • Some grassroots organizations that lobby against net neutrality—the principle guiding a free and open internet— are funded by the internet and telecommunication industry. launched a campaign to expose these fake grass-roots organizations that they call Astroturf. KFAI’s Adam Spencer spoke with a representative of FreePress.


  • This Sunday, August 23, Encuentro: will present the classic recording of “Misa Campesina Nicaragüense”, the work that, through the liturgical use of folk music and traditional genres, embodies basic tenets of liberation theology: The preferential option for the poor and, most importantly, the Christian mission to bring justice to the poor and oppressed, particul

  • Earnest Simpkins, Chair of TC Black Pride, Phil Duran, OutFront Minnesota Staff Attorney, & Julie Dafydd, Actress are guests on Fresh Fruit: with Hosts Dixie Treichel & John Townsend on Thursday August 20 at 7:30 pm-8:30 pm

    Earnest Simpkins, Chairman, TC Black Pride

    Twin Cities Black Pride 2009 Chair, Earnest Simpkins
    discusses this years theme: Unity is

  • Will Allen is the closest thing to a celebrity when it comes to local food issues. As the co-founder and CEO of Growing Power, an urban farming learning center based in Milwaukee, he’s been featured in several recent food-related documentaries. Allen spoke at a reception at Little Earth in Minneapolis to celebrate the Urban Farm Project.

  • The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) held a church-wide assembly at the Minneapolis Convention Center this week. Representatives defeated a motion to change from a simple majority vote to a two-thirds super-majority on the issue of accepting and rostering gay and lesbian clergy.