Recent News

  • June 17th marked the tenth anniversary of the peace vigils that activists began holding every week over the Mississippi River at Marshall Avenue and Lake Street bridge in 1999. KFAI’s Hamp Watson attended the vigil and spoke with participating activists.


  • Free legal assistance will be provided to low-income veterans June 19th and 20th. KFAI’s Ivan B. Phifer spoke to Tammy Kudialis, from the University of Detroit, Mercy School of Law about Project Salute.


  • The University of Minnesota Board of Regents held a public forum on the University’s budget on June 17th. President Bob Bruininks has proposed the elimination of 1,240 jobs in the 2010 fiscal year budget, and clerical workers fear that they will receive the brunt of the cuts. Members of AFSCME held a rally to ask for more cuts from top administration and to suggest alternatives to the cuts.

  • Join host Liz Olds on Sunday, Father’s Day, for a tribute to her own father, George. She’ll tell us about his life and music, play some of his own songs as well as some that they recorded together. She will also perform live, in-studio, some tunes she has written especially for this show. For a special Father’s Day treat, tune in to the Wave Project this Sunday at 6 p.m.

  • This Friday, June 19, Radio Rumpus Room’s 17th Annual Hot Rods To Hell show will salute two former giants of the U.S. automobile industry: General Motors and Chrysler.

  • Personal micro-lending is a tradition widely practiced in many countries. The practice has a place in Islam and among Muslims, who view this method of saving and borrowing as an alternative to the conditions set by banks, which can at times contradict the teachings of Islam.

  • KFAI is proud to present Poquito y Bueno, the first worldwide English-language flamenco webcast!

  • Juneteenth is officially celebrated on June 19th each year to commemorate when the news of freedom finally reached slaves in Galveston, Texas, two years after the emancipation proclamation. Rose McGee wrote a play, Kumbayah…The Juneteenth Story, which is being performed at the Landmark Center this weekend. KFAI’s Adam Spencer spoke to McGee about her play.

  • Supporters of the family of Burhan Hassan, who was killed in Somalia two weeks ago, accused the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations of obstructing justice in the FBI investigation of the missing Somali men. CAIR-MN officials strongly denied the accusations and denounced the leaders of the protest held in Minneapolis last week.

  • Minneapolis School Board Director Chris Stewart remains unapologetic about a reported altercation that led to the suspension of a Minneapolis principal. Meanwhile, Burroughs Community School principal Tim Cadotte says he is preparing to answer the school board’s allegations. KFAI’s Art Hughes reports.