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  • Shar Knutson beat out two competitors to become interim President of the state’s AFL-CIO labor organization. Her election is historic as she is the first woman chosen to head the organization of 300,000 members. Knutson spoke with KFAI News Director Ahndi Fridell about her appointment.


  • All over the United States, town hall meetings are being held to gain support for President Obama’s health care reform plans. But, angry protesters are managing to disrupt discussions about the various proposals in Congress. Earlier this month, KFAI reporter Michelle Alimoradi attended Keith Ellison’s forum in North Minneapolis.


  • On Thursday, August 20, local musicians will gather at Peavey Plaza to put on a concert called Street Music for Street Kids in order to raise awareness about children living on the streets of Jakarta.

  • Senator Al Franken’s staff just finished traveling to over 66 cities around greater Minnesota to hear from constituents on a variety of issues. Staffers got an earful from ordinary Minnesotans about everything from health care to media reform. Reporting from the last session at St. Paul’s Rondo Community Library is KFAI reporter Allison Herrera.


  • Pam welcomes local artists The Pines to the KFAI studio on Pam Without Boundaries: this Tuesday morning, August 11. The Pines are Benson Ramsey and David Huckfeldt, who have been making music together for the last several years. They create moving harmonies over rolling acoustic landscapes.

  • Join First Nations Radio on August 9 for a discussion about Native American Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution with guest Michelle Cook of the Navajo Nation.

  • The Good Noise Show welcomes local independent film maker Dawn Mikkelson to the studio on Monday, August 10. The Red Tail is a documentary about the current economic climate, including outsourcing and globalization and focuses on one airline mechanic job moving from Minneapolis/St.Paul to China. Producer and director Mikkelson’s film debuted at the Galway film festival in Ireland in July.

  • Last year, Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon caused an online stir when he produced the web-only TV series Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, starring Neil Patrick Harris. Though no one’s figured out how to make a buck from serialized web episodes, producers are jumping on the virtual bandwagon. ABC and NBC also produced web-only series in 2008.

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  • Recently, a resolution was introduced in Congress to strengthen the
    Great Lakes Compact, an agreement to prevent the diversion of water
    that was signed by the eight Great Lakes states and Quebec and Ontario in Canada.

    Dave Dempsey, author of the book, Great Lakes for Sale, who also
    serves as communications director for Conservation Minnesota, told
    KFAI’s Anna Pratt about how some loophole

  • The 2009 Asian American Psychological Association: conference takes place this week in Toronto, Canada. As Asian-Americans gain more publicity and awareness through the Obama administration, awareness is also growing on a regional level including the academic field of psychology. KFAI’s Mahi Palanisami reports.