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  • Ann Lewis, a senior adviser to former President Bill and Hillary Clinton, addressed a closed-door conference held by the American Israeli Public Affairs committee at Temple Israel in Minneapolis last Thursday on improving the US relationship with Israel. The event had its share of critics. KFAI’s Dan Greenwood has this report.


  • Tune in to the KFAI Evening News at 6 p.m. weeknights in September to hear the latest stories from the 2009 Youth News Initiative:

  • Please join Rockin’ in Rhythm host David Cummings this Wednesday, Sept. 9 from 6 to 9 a.m. During the third hour he welcomes local author Julian West to the show. Julian is the expert on all those local children’s TV shows so many of us grew up with, Axel, Carmen the Nurse, Casey Jones, Clancy the Cop, T. N. Tatters and others.

  • Tune in to the KFAI Evening News at 6pm Monday for two special Labor Day documentaries.

    The first one is called Skywalkers of Akwesane by Helen Borten. For over a hundred years the Mohawks of Akwesasne, a reservation on the New York-Canada border, pursued the occupation of ironworkers, one of the most dangerous jobs in construction.

  • Tune in to Womenfolk this Labor Day Sunday at 11 am for our annual special Women’s Work, where we will celebrate all you hard workers with songs about farming, mining, truck driving and working 9 to 5. Hope you get to kick back, take a break and enjoy the tunes…don’t worry, we’ll do all the work!

    More about Womenfolk here:womenfolk.

  • Have Fun At The Fair With KFAI. If you’re going to the State Fair this year, you’re invited to participate in our FUN AT THE FAIR photo contest.

    • Wear your KFAI t-shirts and hats to the Fair.
    • Send us pictures of your family and friends wearing their KFAI gear or holding signs that say “KFAI”.
  • The September 3 webcast of Poquito y Bueno: A Short and Sweet Half-Hour of Flamenco is a must-hear! In this week’s excerpt of our conversation with the Artistic Director of Zorongo Flamenco, Susana di Palma talks about home-cooked meals while she was on tour with the Spanish gypsies, featuring such delicacies as freshly caught snails, blood jello, and road-kill rabbit.

  • Sheila St. James, Minneapolis transplant but a New Orleans native and Hurricane Katrina survivor, will be joining Kinshasha on Health on Monday, September 7 at 11 a.m.

    Health and Fitness go-to-girl, Sheila “SUPERWOMAN” St. James says it’s okay to call her a fitness guru, but ultimately she wants to be known as a life-saver. The former beauty pageant contestant has reigned as Ms.

  • Though no one has figured out how to make a buck from serialized web episodes, producers are jumping on the virtual bandwagon.

  • In the first of our series of intimate conversations with the Minneapolis-based dancer/choreographer, Susana di Palma talks about being plucked from her ballet classes to learn to partner with a young Mexican boy, David, in the presentation of Spanish dances. Castanets were Susana’s first challenge. On this show we’ll play pieces by the maestras of this genre.