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  • KFAI is proud of its line-up of Sunday shows produced by members of immigrant communities in their native languages. 

    Sometimes, members of our English-only speaking audience ask for more information about these programs, including details about content.  

    One way to find out what's in a foreign language show is to talk with the host. 

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  • For a decade, Walt Whitman has been roaming around Patrick Scully's mind, gestating performance material. Last summer Patrick premiered "Leaves of Grass – Uncut" at Illusion Theater with a cast of 19. Patrick is now creating the show as a solo, with two open rehearsals to begin the process.

    Patrick Scully talked with Brenda Bell Brown on the Morning Blend.  

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  • New Years is a thrilling time for those who want to change their lives. When children catch on to the excitement, parents should make sure their resolutions are appropriate and fun.

    Nanci Olesen is the director of the Mayflower Early Childhood Center in South Minneapolis; a Montessori preschool program for children aged 16 months to six years old.

    Nanci stops by The Morning Blend regularly to talk about family and parenting issues, and she talked recently with Ron Thums about families and resolutions.

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  • KFAI wishes to thank Anchor Fish & Chips for generously donating two $50.00 gift certificates to two lucky donors who make a tax-deductible contribution by the end of today! Join or renew your membership on-line to be entered into the drawing to win!

    We're excited to share some of the neat happenings member support helped make possible in 2014: 


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  • As the old year ends and a new year begins, the passage of time is on our minds.  

    We check the time on cell phones, computer monitors, watches and wall clocks, marking its rhythms in days, weeks, months and years.

    But what is time apart from a system humans devised to give a sense of order to our existence?

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  • Bloomington City Attorney Sandra Johnson says the people arrested at the “Black Lives Matter” protest at the Mall of America on Saturday will be prosecuted.

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  • Recently, a group of lawyers and community service organizations gathered at Waite House in South Minneapolis to discuss President Obama’s new Executive Orders regarding immigration reform. Many of the attendees had questions about permanent residency in the United States, and one important message of the meeting was a word of caution.

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  • Organizers of a planned Saturday protest at the Mall of America — part of the national Black Lives Matter movement — say they were visited by a courier acting on behalf of mall management last Friday, and again by City of Bloomington Police on Tuesday, in an attempt to stop their event from happening.

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  • Native American rapper Tall Paul was born in Minneapolis and grew up listening to all varieties of hip hop.

    For the past five years he’s been recording and performing live music at various venues, finding ways to express his culture by way of an unexpected art form.

    Tall Paul was recently featured on the KFAI program Versed Radio. Versed Radio is a program presented online by KFAI on alternate Thursdays. For the latest episode, click here.

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