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  • Eyenga Bokamba has been appointed Director of Sprockets – a St. Paul collaboration between the city, the school district and a host of community organizations to provide summer and after-school programs for young people in the city.
    Bokamba is an experienced educator who most recently was the Youth Programs Manager at Pillsbury House in Minneapolis. She has also worked as a teacher, spending thirteen years in the Hopkins district.
    She talked with KFAI’s Paul Brohaugh, who asked why it’s important to support summertime and after-school programs.

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  • A major study of autism in Minnesota was released this week. Researchers found that Somali and White children in Minneapolis were about equally likely to be identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder, also known as ASD. But those two groups were more likely to have ASD than Latino children or non-Somali Black children. The results provide some vindication for Somali people who have said autism is a serious problem in their community.
    Amira Adawe is one of the researchers who worked on the study, and Amy Hewitt is the study’s primary investigator. They talked with KFAI’s Mike Fischbein, who asked if it’s accurate to say that the question raises more questions than it answers.

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  • Womenfolk’s “Songs of Winter” special on 12/17 featuring an interview with Heather Masse.

  • An American citizen who graduated from the University of Minnesota is being held in prison in the United Arab Emirates for doing something that seems inconsequential in the United States – Shez Cassim posted a satirical video to You Tube. For that act, he’s been in jail since last April.
    KFAI’s Christina Cerruti reports that Cassim’s family and Human Rights activists have called for his release, citing human rights treaties adopted by the United Nations.

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  • The Republican Party of Minnesota will relocate to a new headquarters in Minneapolis. The party announced it’s moving from an office near the state capitol complex in St. Paul to the Seward neighborhood at 2200 East Franklin Avenue. The move was influenced by a desire to save money, and to bring the party’s offices from an area ‘inside the political beltway’ to an area closer to “regular Minnesotans.” Keith Downey is the chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota. He talked with KFAI’s Ron Thums on the Morning Blend.

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  • Mihailo Temali is the founder and CEO of the Neighborhood Development Center. The organization just received an award from the Migration Policy Institute for helping immigrants and their families succeed in the U.S. economy. He talked with KFAI’s Paul Brohagh.

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  • Listener-members are invited to attend KFAI’s Membership Annual Meeting, Thursday, December 5th, from 6-8:00pm, at the Open Book, 1011 Washington Ave., S., Minneapolis.

    Come hear reports from KFAI’s Board of Directors on our accomplishments during the past year, and enjoy food, fun and fellowship with other members, volunteers and staff.

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  • Have you listened to JAZZED UP AND BONKERS yet? Its part of KFAI’s new Web Exclusive programming.

  • Andrew Lloyd Webber’s production of the Wizard of Oz will be opening on December 4th at St. Paul’s Ordway Theater. Mike Jackson is a Canadian actor, grip, and gaffer, best known for his acting roles in the comedy TV series Trailer Park Boys where he played the role of Trevor. Mike joined KFAI’s Janis Lane-Ewart to talk about his role of the Tin Man in the upcoming production.

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  • On Tuesday, November 26 at the Ted Mann Recital Hall at the University of Minnesota, a student seeking his Phd in conducting is going to get there by murdering someone.

    Doctoral candidate Brian Messier has been doing research on attracting, engaging and retaining new audiences – something vital for the future of classical music. As part of that research, Messier will collaborate with the University of Minnesota Wind Ensemble, Playwright Jake Jeppson and Actor Skyler Nowinski to present a free concert that is also a murder mystery.

    Brian Messier sat down with KFAI’s Alex Forbes to talk about the project.

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