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  • Story by Bob Hines and Michelle Alimoradi

    The Minneapolis City Council will be the next public body to take up the Vikings Stadium issue. After Governor Mark Dayton signs the legislation, the city council will have 30 days to approve it. Minneapolis Mayor R. T. Rybak told the Star Tribune he believes he has the seven votes needed to pass the measure.

  • Story by Brad Allen

    While the Great Recession technically came to an end in June of 2009, the pace of recovery is painfully slow for many Americans. The 12.5 million people out of work and 7.9 million counted as underemployed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics are feeling the impact of the financial crisis three years later.

    Despite continued high unemployment, the current U.S.

  • Story by Shanna Gratton

    What would it mean to your family if there was new baby in the house or a sudden illness that required leave from your job?
    A national organization that advocates for paid leave for new parents and other family–friendly policies says Minnesota is merely average in supporting new parents in the workforce.

  • Story by Lennie Chism

    Minnesota voters will consider a constitutional amendment this Fall that, if passed, will define marriage as only being between “one man and one woman”. The intent is to prevent any court, judge or legislature from allowing gay marriage in the state.

  • Story by Nathan Jones

    M. Sanjayan is lead scientist for The Nature Conservancy, specializing in conservation issues. His work has appeared on The Discovery Channel, BBC, National Geographic Wild, and scientific journals including Conservation Biology and Nature.

  • Story by Bob Hines and Michelle Alimoradi

    Everybody is familiar with the smell of a chlorinated pool – the chemicals needed to prevent the growth of bacteria can make public swimming an unpleasant experience for many.

    But now some public pools, particularly those in St.

  • The trial of CeCe McDonald started and came to an abrupt end when McDonald accepted a plea bargain. McDonald, an African American transgender woman, was accused of murder in the death of Dean Schmitz in June of 2011. He was stabbed as part of a fight that erupted outside the Schooner Tavern in Minneapolis.

  • Story by Brad Allen, Bob Hines & Michelle Alimoradi

    The Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce presented its 4th Annual Business Vitality Index recently – it’s a measure of the Twin Cities business climate compared to 8 similar sized metro areas around the country.

  • Story by Marty Owings & Ahndi Fridell

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  • Story by Nathan Jones

    Spring is here, and if you pay attention you might see some furry fliers around your porch light tonight after a long winter hibernation. But hibernating bats are under threat from a mysterious disease that could lead to their extinction.