Vernon Reid on KFAI Monday Morning

Virtuosic guitarist Vernon Reid will call in to "Pam Wihout Boundaries" Monday morning around 10:30am. Reid might be best-known as the man who created catchy riffs and blistering solos with Grammy-award winning rock band Living Colour, but Reid’s own guitar studies have lead him from avant-garde jazz to reggae to funk to instrumental compositions in a similar vein to those of his colleague Steve Vai. While Reid started work in clubs in Brooklyn with Living Colour he noticed there were not a lot of hard rock bands featuring members of color and here was this band made of all people of color producing really great hard rock music. Pam will talk with Reid about what lead him to form the Black Rock Coalition and how its work continues today, the tour he's on with Living Colour which will bring them to Mill City Nights Friday November 1st, and a little about other projects he’s been in such as The Yohimbe Brothers and Masque.