Election Night Coverage and the Minneapolis Mayorama

Tuesday November 5th at 8pm, KFAI will present live election coverage.  Andy Driscoll will host along with Bob Meek at the KFAI studios at Cedar and Riverside in Minneapolis. 
Guests will include Mary Turck of the Daily Planet, David Brauer of Minn Post, and Charles Hallman of the Spokesman-Recorder.  
Minneapolis residents looking to sort through the vast number of Mayoral candidates on Tuesday's ballot will find some assistance in the KFAI archives.  
We've interviewed 29 of the 35 candidates.  You can listen to them here
If you want to listen to shorter versions of these interviews presented in a brisk two hour package, listen to the Monday Morning Mayorama, hosted by Siobhan Kierans and Xan Holston on thke Morning Blend.  
For interviews with city council candidates, click on the following links or look for Ward 3, Ward 5, Ward 6 and Ward 9 in the program menu.   
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