Thank You For Birthday Celebration!

KFAI celebrated 35 years of community radio with a party on Wednesday, September 18th. We are grateful to everyone who came down to the studios, supported us with a gift on-line, or called in a pledge to the wonderful volunteers who gave their time in "pledge central." Listeners contributed more than $7,300 to honor 35 years of community radio. 

From founding member, actor and program host Charles Brin, to Beryl Greenberg who joined the station just a few years after its beginning, to new Executive Director Willie Dean, this is radio created by people who are passionate about authentic content which represents our community. Thank you for celebrating with us 35 years of people from around the world sharing their insights on the air, program hosts who specialize in blues/soul/the latest local music/Balkan wedding music/what-have-you, and unparalleled access to media for members of our community who have something to say. This is your radio station. We are not part of a network. Listener-support keeps our studios open. We are KFAI, located on the West Bank in Minneapolis, and anywhere you want to listen to great radio. Thank you!

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