Soda Stream Boycott

Protesters gathered outside the Target store in downtown Minneapolis on August 15th to voice their objections to a product called Soda Stream.  The device adds carbonation to ordinary tap water. The controversy grows out of the complicated situation in Israel and Israel’s settlements on the West Bank of the Jordan River. The protest was  organized by two groups - Jewish Voice for Peace and the Coalition for Palestinian Rights.  They claim Soda Stream produces some of its products in a factory that's located in an illegal Isreali settlement in the West Bank.  

In an e-mail statement, Target Corporation said: "Target has always held itself -- and our partners -- accountable to the highest standards of ethical business practices. In recent months, we have had several discussions directly with SodaStream, and we remain comfortable offering their products to our guests."

Jordan Ash is a spokesperson for Jewish Voice for Peace.  He talked with KFAI's Terry Carter on The Morning Blend.


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