JAN.15: HAITI on KFAI Radio

HAITI JUSTICE COMMITTEE of the Twin Cities members will come on to talk about the history of Haiti and how that history is intensifying the impact of the earthquake there. See resurce list (below) info about meeting this Sat.Jan. 16 in Minneapolis in events.
***PLUS; TUNE IN TODAY TO Democracy NOW! to hear RANDALL ROBINSON talk about history of imperialism against Haiti from Thomas Jefferson to Bill Clinton and GW Bush's kidnap-coup of President Aristide. NOON on KFAI/10pm on MTN cable access tv,channel 17,Mpls.FOR RADIO/TV IN YOUR TOWN OR TO WATCH-LISTEN ON-LINE:

TODAY/Friday Jan 15, 11am on CATALYST:politics & culture
on KFAI rdaio 90.3fm Mpls/106.7 fm St.Paul
Live-streaming & archived for 2 weeks after broadcast at: http://www.kfai.lorg/catalyst

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