Government Secrecy: Your Government is Hiding from You

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More and more public information is being withheld from the public. This is not about security, it's about secrecy in state and local government - reports and activities kept behind an opaque veil of bureaucracy and political expediency. MnDOT's engineering and administrative reports on the I-35W bridge are merely one example of public employees refusing to disclose information that could save lives, injuries, and money. Contracts and deals are struck without bidding or scrutiny and reports of dangerous infrastructure flaws are kept under wraps. Who will break open the political cocoon that is becoming our government and let the butterfly free to allow citizens to access and control their government once again?

JOHN R. FINNEGAN, retired Executive Editor and Asst. Publisher, St. Paul Pioneer Press

DON GEMBERLING, Attorney and Retired Administrator, Minnesota Data Privacy Office

MICHAEL FRIEDMAN, Executive Director, Legal Rights Center and former Chair, Minneapolis Civilian Review Authority Board