Listening Lounge to Air Riveting Docs

Listening Lounge is bringing out the best documentaries for Pledge Drive.

On our Oct. 1 show, we feature two stories from Joe Richman of Radio Diaries. He's a talented producer who lets his subjects speak for themselves. One story we'll air is called Josh in New York City: Growing Up with Tourette's. We'll also air Amanda from New York: Girlfriend, the story of a bisexual Catholic girl struggling with her sexuality.

On our Oct. 8 show, we'll air Witness to an Execution, a harrowing documentary about the people who watch and participate in state-sponsored executions in Texas. You'll never hear another sound like a mother wailing whenever she's watching her son being executed, says reporter Leighanne Gideon. There's no other sound like it. That wail surrounds the room.