Words Will Heal The Wound 2007 : I Write For You - A Celebration of National Poetry Month

Trú Rúts and KFAI present Words Will Heal The Wound 2007, a National Poetry Month celebration. Listen to Teuhti: From the Griot to the MC on Sunday, April 29th from 11-Midnight for an on-air celebration.

The innovative spoken word radio series featuring some of the most cutting edge spoken word + hip hop artists in the country for 2007. This year the series celebrates the Midwest featuring Aeon Grey (Des Moines), El Guante (Madison), Truthmaze (Twin Cities), Ugochi (Chicago), Tommy Lee Soul (Milwaukee), Toki Wright (Twin Cities), Kelly Tsai (Chicago), Shá Cage (Twin Cities), David Hart (Madison), Impossibilities (Dekalb/Madison), Debra Jo Howard (Rockford), Big Quarters (Twin Cities), Eric Mata (Madison) and Poetic Justice League 4 America (Rockford). Executive Produced by e.g. bailey + Sha Cage.