City X on Listening Lounge 4/25

KFAI's Listening Lounge is rebroadcasting Jonathan Mitchell's quirky documentary City X this Wednesday, April 25th (11:30-Noon).

Who wants to walk around downtown in the middle of winter? asks a character in this futuristic, suburban, head-spinning, insightful documentary by Jonathan Mitchell. The answer, of course, is this: Nobody. In City X, Mitchell masterfully layers interviews with average people, architects, bus drivers (who knows really, none of them are identified) into a mosaic of sound that gives us a clear understanding of why Americans love malls. Here are just a few comments, each delightfully enunciated in the documentary: It was metropolitan ... When it came, we were hip and happening. We were a real town. We weren't just some little spot in the middle of the cornfield. We've made it!