North Country Co-op, the first collectively run grocery in Minneapolis, recently announced in a statement from the board of directors that they will be closing its doors on November 4th.

The 2007 Farm Bill has attracted a lot of media attention. But why does the Farm Bill matter to people who don’t farm?

Last weekend, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton made visits to the Twin Cities. Among the handshakes and stump seeches were pleas to win over new voters, among them Latinos.

While the remaining Democratic presidential candidates compete over which of them will bring greater change in Washington, one group is holding both parties responsible for the current injustices in t

KFAI’s Benno Groeneveld will be covering next week’s Republican convention from a GLBT perspective. He recently spoke with two groups about their plans for the RNC: Outfront Minnesota and the Log Cabin Republicans. The latter group is the name for a group of gay and lesbian activists within the Grand Old Party. Here’s Benno Groeneveld.

That’s KFAI Benno Groeneveld.

Veteran activist Tom Hayden stops by KFAI on Wednesday, October 8th at 11 am to talk about his book Ending the War in Iraq on Truth to Tell:node/682.

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Temporary Protected Status, known as TPS, is for foreign nationals currently residing in the United States, whose homeland conditions are recognized by the US government as being remporarily unsafe or

TPS or Temporary Protected Status allows people from certain countries affected by an armed conflict or environmental disaster to stay in the United States for a period of time until condidtions in th

At 11 am on Wednesday, November 12th, Truth To Tell broadcasts a Community Shares Transportation Forum at the Wilder Center.

Almost three years into its development, the Central Corridor Light Rail Project remains the Twin Cities’ primary transportation development effort.

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Tune in Wednesday, February 25th at 11 am to hear Truth to Tell’s dicussion Power Play over the Greenway: Green Ways to Up the Voltage?.

Minneapolis’ Midtown Greenway:http://www.midtowngreenway.org* converted a rail bed below 29th Street through the core of the city’s south side to bike trails and walking paths with an eye to eventually putting a transit rail line from Uptown to the R

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