Tonight’s program is a mix of old and new music from France and French-speaking countries. We will be playing an excerpt from the Minnesota Opera’s newly-commissioned works, Silent Night. The opera is in English, French and German, the language of the soldiers. The story is true and is about the 1914 Christmas Eve truce, when soldiers of both sides laid down their weapons.

Anthony Doerr talks with us about his collection of stories, Memory Wall+, which has won numerous prizes and was named a Notable Book of 2010 by _The New York Times.

Peter Campion also joins us to talk about his new collection of Poems – The Lions. He is also the author of a collection of poems called Other People. In addition to winning a Pushcart Prize for his work, he has recently received a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Also with us will be Julie Schumacher, whose first novel, The Body Is Water, was an ALA Notable Book of the Year and a finalist for the PEN/Hemingway Award. She and Peter will be promoting Charles Baxter’s annual Benefit for Hunger on November 15.

No interviews today…just the blues, the whole blues and nothin’ but the blues.

Live Interview with Meg Hutchinson!

Musica de Cuba!

Spin with Cyn birthday show – I spun several favorite songs and artists from childhood on.

Turning it up to 11 for this week’s Nigel Tufnel Day! And Liberty loves Gram…celebrating Cecil Ingram Connor III, born Nov 5, 1946. Plus, Ray Davies, Beach Boys, Rickie Lee Jones, Dave Clark Five and more.

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