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GUEST TODAY!! Barbe Marshall and others inviting us all to Sample Night LIVE! on Wednesday March 7th. KFAI listeners who purchase their tickets using the code “members” will receive a discount on their tickets. For more information visit

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Goodbye Davy Jones Hello Bangles

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Make like Shake while wearing an itsy bitsy bikini. I do it all the time in the privacy of my own bedroom!

The Lady Will Have Her Say: Oum Kalthoum

Blue Silver

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Patti Walsh Fills In Playin’ a Buncha Dudes…At Least Before the Operations!!

This program is an early celebration of International Women’s Day: Latin American, Spaniard and Portuguese women are in charge of the music. Rosario Castellanos, from Mexico, is in charge of the poetry.

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Heather Roan Robbins gives the astrological quarterly,
Leigh and Dixie talk about International Women’s Day, March 8 on KFAI