90 minutes with Mickey Elfenbein, who worked at K-Tel from 1969 to 1996

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The spoils of this year’s Record Store Day, including four artists making their debut on the program!


Mango Pickle Down River!!

Tarik Thornton “The Soul Traveler” joins Steely for a two-hour dig through dusty 45s & LP joints. Featuring Denise Lasalle, Patrinell Staten, Little Ann, Roz Ryan, The Esquires, The Hamilton Movement, The Fatback Band, Syl Johnson, Andre Williams, The Sweet Delights, The Winstons, Side Effect, & more…

This program presents Fados (revisited), songs about mothers and motherhood and Vallenatos by Rafael Escalona (music from Colombia). The literature segment presents “El Bachichas”, by Víctor Hugo Rascón Banda, from Mexico.

Play List

Interview with Kate Brickman & Nimco Ahmed of Minnesotans United for All Families; RARE Productions projects: May Day, Twin Cities Pride Festival