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Action packed show featuring live special guests Kondrath ( ) and Timecop1983 ( ).  The show also premieres two amazing tracks! The first a Retro-EDM style jam from the always amazing VHS Dreams . The tune will be released officially here on July 6th.

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The Fourth Tower of Inverness

A mad boy sitting writing his history,  even though he cannot read or write.  It's in a language he's making up as he goes along.  Jack Flanders is again inside the 4th Tower, and he actually talks to Sir Henry Jowls, his uncle who disappeared into the 4th Tower years ago.  There's a lot going on inside.  

Written by Meatball Fulton, with music by TIm Clark.  Produced at

Little Chills 

Colin, Clay, Sam, TJ and Ruthe K Shared a bit of the Tales and a lot of the Talent around Blues U this show!


Art Lee and Ger Lee of TNT traveled from Warren, MI for the realease of their debult album titled "Been Too Long" at the Annual Freedom Festival over July 4th weekend in Saint Paul. Listen as we hear from these young artists talk about the Hmong community in Michigan, their excitement and expectations for one of the largest Hmong gatherings in the country, Hmong music and the Hmong arts community.