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Hosted by Miguel Vargas with special guest Maetzin Saenz

"re-centering the narratives of indigenous authors and authors of color." Guest host Brenda Belll Brown talks with publisher, poet and graphic designer Chaun Webster on Marya Morstad's 

A Human History of Sound and Listening

Two recent releases from West Africa open the program today.  Then I jump to Hawaii for a MN artist's traditional music supported in part by the MN State Arts Board.  Then its a stroll down memory lane… with some spirituals & pop songs by male vocalists from the 50's & 60's – Tennessee Ernie Ford, Jimmie Rodgers, & The Mills Brothers.  More soulful tunes fill out the program with performances by the Neville Brothers, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, and closing out with a few Duke Ellington Orchestra instrumentals.

We speak with Elizabeth Strout about her new novel, My Name is Lucy Barton. She is also the author of Amy and Isabelle, Abide with Me, Olive Kitteridge, which won the Pulitzer Prize, and The Burgess Boys.

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