All CDs to be given away at the St. Paul Saints game this Tuesday

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We hunt and peck through the back alley garage sales, we hit the antique malls out on the lonesome highways, we push past the perfume bottle collections of your local Estate Sales, and we slink through the wet and creepy basements of your local record stores – always on the look out for one dollar “super sounds.”

Tonight’s super sounds include tunes from the Baja Marimba Band, from the OTHER Ray Davies, from Skip Martin’s Video All-Stars, and from Gunsmoke’s Festus.

This week Radio Antilles goes LatinoAltROCK! brought to you by Raúl Escobar, Pablo Miranda, and Emily. They’ll get you jammin’ with everything from rock, reggae, punk, ska, hip-hop, samba, dance, indie, and fusions of many Latino and world sounds.
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London Calling…and a little Jamaica 50/Olympic squad pride

Crimson Prairie

David Wiley Fills In with Metal On Metal!!!

Once again, a great show by Mark Fredell…enough said. Listen more than once. Thanks!

Erik Brandt & Jeremy Szopinski – One Half of the Urban Hillbilly Quartet.


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