London Calling…and a little Jamaica 50/Olympic squad pride

Ooh, let’s Do The Jellyfish! The guy we like to call “Ska-daka” just for that song kicks off a set of ’60s ska and bluebeat originating outside Jamaica, and featuring tracks found on a series of 7” EPs called “Doin’ the Popcorn Ska” (listed in italic) that currently stretches to 5 volumes. Also, a short 2Tone-era set features 2 cuts from a new 5-disc English Beat “Complete” box_ an extended remix and a John Peel session number. Oh, and we’ve still got some unfinished “Moon” business, to boot! Oh, and Sherwood’s got a lot more… a lot more, including “Voodoo Moon”, “How High the Moon”, “The Cow Jumped Over the Moon” and “The Moon was Yellow”… really, you’ll see stars before this is over! The 4@4 are connected by the fact that none of them has anything to do with outer space… and they’re all Beatles covers. The July GotchaSKAvered selection wraps up with the title track from The Skatalites’ Island/Jamaica Jazz release “Ball of Fire”, and the home stretch includes a ska version of “Lost In Space”. DANGER, Will Robinson! DANGER!!!

Erik Brandt & Jeremy Szopinski – One Half of the Urban Hillbilly Quartet.


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Minnesota Blues Icon Big Walter Smith passed away this Tuesday. This show includes a tribute to him and his music.