It's the Second Annual Barry Thomas Goldberg Xmas-Hannukah-Solstice-Kwanzaa-Festivus Bash

Make a joyful noise……spread the blue blessings. You never know who may need a smile! Season’s Greetings!

hosted by: Kenna & Ebrima…

The FAB Four(th) Dimension Annual Special!

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…In which your host runs out of ends of the candle to burn

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12/15 in a nutshell…
Just ‘cuz the weather began gusting up the shivers, we here at RSST GotchadoubleSKAvered this week. The sunny Ob-La-Di gets a bedrock ska treatment from (uh, who else…?) The Bedrocks, followed up with one of Australia’s finest, Gabriella Cilmi (chill me). Actually, she’ll warm you up quite nicely. The twin Ob-Las were sandwiched between a set of double-shots (Toots, Giuliano Palma and TSPO with two apiece) and an all-TC 4(+2)-in-a-row. In orbit around Sherwood’s Planet, Mr. Funn discovers the AIMToronto Orchestra, kicking off a set that veers from Jackie Mittoo and Okapi with Aldo Kapi’s Orchestra to Taro Hakase’s Wonder-ful Stevie cover, Tuatara visiting the Land of Oz (and we mean Oz, not Australia!) Alfredo Rodriguez making a Difference, Shiina Ringo doing what nobody does better, Artie Shaw Stopping ‘n’ Going and YMCK Socopogogo-ing. And, of course, check out the Ooh as it effortlessly shifts gears from Tea For Two to Cocktails For Two. Go, Jimmy, go!

The Best of "Live From Studio 5!"

Click here to listen to this show on our FOREVER archives:  https://archive.org/details/77BestOfL5


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