Today’s show was a FOUR HOUR BLUES DAY!!!!!!!!
Thanks to Women Folk allowing us to start at 2pm today,the blues had a wonderful time in celebration of KFAI’s 34th Birthday which is today…May 1st.

Had a FABULOUS interview with NORA JEAN BRUSO today. And yes, she’s going back to using her maiden name Nora Jean Wallace. Check the archives for the interview at approximately 5:35pm today.

Guest Host: Scott Hrea

This week Liberty Finch of The Pop Shop fills in for Glen, with an array of exotica, lounge and island music. And, members of Exotica-a-GoGo phone in with a Hukilau report.

Remembering the artist Daniel Kaniess 1955-2012

4/26 in a nutshell…

Ya want Mutant Frogs? Ya got ‘em! Our gift to Live from Studio 5’s Doug the Thug, titled Ska from Studio 5, leads off a 4(+1)@4 consisting mostly of tracks from the Frogs’ debut Warts ‘n’ all. The GotchaSKAllipop for 4/26 is the creation of Erikka & Margarita Brogier, from their album Koritsia tis Epohis. We’re lovin’ the Prince Fatty & the Mutant Hifi release Return of Gringo, which provided us with three of our 3rd-hour’s rockin’est cuts! If Los Straitjackets were a ska band… well, you get the picture! Sherwood B. Funn re-discovers Ken Nordine in hour 2, tossing “Looks Like It’s Going to Rain” into a wonderfully bizarre mix involving The Ventures’ (In Space, of course… ) “Fear (main title from One Step Beyond)” which we’re sure to reprise one of these weeks. The “Ooh” got caffeinated by the Mango Jones Orchestra (“Cof-feeee Streeee-eet!”) …as if The Techniques’ hyperactive “I Love You” weren’t energetic enough to do the job!

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Had a great telephone interview with Mr. Superharp: James Cotton to promote his up-coming show at Famous Dave’s Sunday April 29th, 2012.